Secure Future Investor. Faster asset growth. Income for life.

Imagine if you could time the stock market perfectly. You’d make significant gains in the years the market goes up and you’d avoid the costly losses when the market goes down.
That’s the premise behind Secure Future Investor. With your retirement money in Secure Future you win every year that the stock market indexes go up. And you’re insured to never lose a penny in years when the stock market goes down.
The end result? You retire with a yearly stream of significant income that will last your lifetime, no matter how long that lifetime turns out to be.

How does Secure Future Investor guarantee your return?

Secure Future utilizes an “indexed annuity” custom-designed for your long-term retirement goals, your anticipated years to retirement and your initial investment. Your investment is tied to growth in the US stock market – but without any risk of loss ever!
No matter what happens in the market your investment can never decline. Down years in the market you’re insured against any losses. Boom years in the market your retirement account takes advantage of those gains to build your equity and increase your worth.
That’s a big deal. Because in the last twenty years the market (as measured by the S&P Index) has had annual returns as high as 34% but also losses as disastrous as 38%.
Secure Future Investor positions your money so that it grows exponentially in those good years and avoids all the losses in the bad ones.

One of the best investments you’ll make in your lifetime. No matter how long your lifetime turns out to be.

Believe it or not, in the past 30 years the number of people living past 100 years old has doubled. No wonder the U.S. government worries about how to fund Social Security. And no wonder retirees worry that their retirement savings will run out.
Join us and don’t worry. Become a Secure Future Investor. Your money is safe. Your returns are assured. And your retirement income is guaranteed for life. So go ahead and become a centenarian! The income will absolutely be there for you.
In fact, in many cases, we can even insure that your annual income in retirement can be passed on to your spouse.

If it sounds complicated…we’ll make it simple

Secure Future Investor is a product of GP Agency. For fifty-plus years we have been a premier partner for nearly 50 of the nation’s top-rated insurance carriers. That means we have more avenues to build a win, win, win investment and retirement strategy that is exactly right for you.
We’re easy to work with. We’ll do whatever it takes to make sure everything goes smoothly. We want to help you grow your assets for retirement. And we have the experience and resources to make it happen.

Next step?

Give us a call or fill out the consultation request form and we’ll get back to you immediately via phone or email. No pressure but you really should learn more about Secure Future Investor. It could be the best financial decision of your lifetime, no matter how long your lifetime turns out to be.
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